Katrina Wynne

Katrina Wynne sees Tarot as a model and method of transformation, a magical process whereby we enter the mystery of our greatest potential. She blends her intuition and knowledge with her client’s to reveal the energy at work and the lesson in readings. “Sometimes, I feel like a spiritual midwife, helping new life to be born!” she says. Katrina’s classes focus on archetypes – how they play out in our lives and how the Tarot helps you to recognize patterns in your life and identify ways in which the energy they represent can be used to transform your life in a meaningful and positive way. Katrina’s Tarot and Oracle Training Programs comprise:

Katrina also offers master classes on special topics related to Tarot and Oracles. Follow the links below for more information.

Tarot, Magic and Transformation

Tarot, Magic, TransformationIn this class Katrina Wynne focuses on the magical and transformative elements of tarot that can add depth to the way you read the cards and lead to a more meaningful outcome for yourself and your clients…Continue reading ➜


The Significance of Significators in Tarot Readings

Katrina Wynne demonstrates how adding significators to your mix of Tarot techniques can bring a personal dimension to the readings you do for yourself and others. A significator is an additional card, which you can choose in a number of ways to represent the person you’re doing a reading for….Continue reading

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