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Linda Marson

Linda Marson has been reading and teaching Tarot for more years than she cares to remember! She’s a former President of the Tarot Guild of Australia and founder of Global Spiritual Studies. In 2009 a whole new world-view opened up when she enrolled in Evelynne Joffe’s year long course on the Kabbalah in Melbourne. “That year of study changed my life, says Linda, “I finally had map by which I could navigate any situation or relationship I encountered.”

“The common thread linking Tarot, Kabbalah and Druidry is a desire to explore what lies beyond the everyday world, a desire to follow a path that embraces both spiritual and worldly needs,” says Linda. “All three traditions open doors to self-awareness and ways to live rewarding and joyful lives. In other words, they answer the BIG questions in life!”


Linda Marson classes

Kabbalah, DruidCraft and Tarot
$19.00 USD
The magic of the Tarot is that the images talk to you in different ways at different times in your life. And they can talk...
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