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Lenormand teachers

Originating in the 18th century and valued for generations in Europe, the Petit Lenormand deck is undergoing a huge Renaissance in English-speaking countries with over 50 new decks published since 2011. Part of this intense interest lies in one’s ability to quickly learn to answer specific, concrete questions about everyday life using simple but evocative images that even a three-year old can recognize.

Mary K. Greer offers a course of five classes on learning to read the cards and an advanced class. Caitlin Mathews, who has published her own Enchanted Lenormand Oracle offers three classes.

Our Petit Lenormand teachers

Mary K. Greer
Internationally renowned Tarot author and teacher, Mary K. Greer, took...
Caitlin Matthews
Caitlín Matthews is acknowledged as a world authority on Celtic Wisdom,...
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