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Tarot and Lenormand


Choose from a wonderful smorgasbord of Tarot offerings! Internationally-renowned Tarot authors, Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer, present a range of classes about aspects of Tarot. They are joined by other Tarot professionals from around the world who share their insights into the art of reading Tarot and creating Tarot decks.


The most famous card reader during the Napoleonic era was Marie Anne Lenormand. Until recently, use of the divination cards which carry her name, had been confined to Europe, but not now. Tarot and oracle card readers have become fascinated with this deck.

Mary K. Greer describes Tarot as ‘symbolic’ and Lenormand as ’emblematic’. She says each Lenormand card has a fairly narrow and specific range of core meanings which lead to succinct, pragmatic and accurate descriptions and predictions.

Tarot classes

Lenormand classes

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