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Christine Payne-Towler

Christine Payne-Towler is a world-class Tarot scholar with an encyclopedic knowledge of Tarot’s origins and evolution. Christine has been presenting her in-depth analysis and illuminating historical review to private and public classes since 1978. ​She specializes in what she calls The Continental Tarot, and addresses the “missing period” in most Tarot enthusiast’s understanding and knowledge~ the time between Etteilla and Oswald Wirth (1790-1920). She has a deep understanding of the numerology, language, and esoterics which led Tarot forward, before the Golden Dawn and later developments. Christine contributes articles to and in 2015 she and partner Michael Dowers published their own Continental deck – The Tarot of the Holy Light.

Her Cathedral in Tarot class on Global Spiritual Studies gives you a system for interpreting the patterns on the Pip cards in Marseilles-style decks. Her two classes , The Coming of the Goddess to Tarot, trace the history of Goddess imagery in the Tarot,


Christine Payne-Towler classes

The Cathedral in Tarot
$15.00 USD
Ever wondered how to interpret the elaborate geometric patterns on the pip cards of Marseilles style decks? Well, this video class is just what you...
The Coming of the Goddess to Tarot
$30.00 USD
When the Mamluk pack came to Europe near the end of the 1300s, it had four suits with cards 1-10 and three Royals per suit....
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