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James Ricklef

James Ricklef is a Tarot professional – a Tarot reader, author, teacher and deck creator. His books include The Soul’s Journey, Tarot Reading Explained and Tarot Spreads – Get the Whole Story. His deck is called Tarot of the Masters, he’s released a Pithy Tarot iPhone app and is a prolific blogger – over a thousand posts on various Tarot subjects! He has given workshops at major U.S. Tarot conferences such as the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) and the New York Readers Studio.

Two of his master classes on Global Spiritual Studies open you to powerful ways of modifying existing spreads and creating new ones for special occasions or questions. The other two deepen your understanding of the cards through discovering their profound spiritual messages.


James Ricklef classes

Millions of Tarot Spreads
$38.00 USD
As an experienced reader, are you bored with using the same spreads day in day out? Are you the person in the Four of Cups,...
Soul Food for Tarot Readers
$38.00 USD
Would you like your Tarot readings to pierce to the very heart of the question and provide answers that are profoundly life-changing? They can! Learn...
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