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Katrina Wynne

Katrina Wynne sees Tarot as a model and method of transformation, a magical process whereby we enter the mystery of our greatest potential. She blends her intuition and knowledge with that of her clients to reveal the energy at work and the lesson in readings. Katrina’s classes focus on archetypes – how they play out in our lives and how the Tarot helps you to recognize patterns in your life and identify ways in which the energy they represent can be used to transform your life in a meaningful and positive way.

Her many offerings include:


Katrina Wynne classes

Beginning Tarot – Knowledge
$44.00 USD
You have a Tarot deck and maybe one or two books to help you understand the meanings of the cards. But there are 78 of them...
Professional Tarot Consulting Program: Level One
$125.00$299.00 USD
Katrina Wynne's Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course Level One (PTC-1) is a 10-week, interactive video-based training program with live supervision sessions that teach you how...
Professional Tarot Consulting Program: Level Two
$204.00 USD
This five-week program is offered once a year for people who have completed Level One of Katrina Wynne's Professional Tarot Consulting Program and want to...
Ancestral trauma and healing with Tarot
$38.00 USD
Interest in healing old traumas and core wounds is on the increase. We carry these forward in our genes, auras, and nervous systems. Exploring epigenetics,...
Advanced Tarot – Metaphysics
$38.00 USD
Get ready for new heights of understanding that will take your Tarot reading skills to an amazingly effective and creative level! In these two master...
Advanced Tarot Reading Skills
$38.00 USD
In these two master classes, Katrina Wynne explores the Tarot as a visual symbolic language and shows you simple, yet powerful ways to work with...
Chakras, gemstones, Tarot and healing
$19.00 USD
Katrina Wynne has a long history of working with chakras, crystals, gemstones and other metaphysical tools such as Tarot to support well-being. She has developed...
Developing your practice
$38.00 USD
In the two classes on Developing your practice, Katrina uses her own experience as a professional Tarot counsellor and dream analyst to show you how...
Intermediate Tarot – Reading
$38.00 USD
Do you have to be psychic to read Tarot cards? And what does 'being psychic' mean, anyway? In the first of her two ntermediate Tarot...
Pathworking with Tarot Numerology
$38.00 USD
How often has the hurly-burly of everyday life left you with a feeling that life is no more than a treadmill, that you've lost sight of your...
Psychological Challenges in Tarot’s Major Trumps
$38.00 USD
Life is challenging and it’s easy to get stuck in old patterns that block success. Tarot is a powerful tool for identifying hurdles and guiding...
Sacred Journey of Your Soul – through the Major Arcana of the Tarot
$19.00 USD
The Major Arcana cards of the Tarot portray the essence of our archetypal journey through life. In this class Katrina Wynne explores this journey as Pathwork...
Sexual Symbolism and Meaning in Tarot
$38.00 USD
Sexual energy and symbols are integral aspects of Tarot wisdom. Whether viewing the Magician’s 'wand' or the pregnant belly of the Empress, symbols can be...
Spiritual and Biblical Roots of Tarot
$38.00 USD
"Through symbols, Tarot cards visually represent the core spiritual and life-affirming messages of all great wisdom traditions. Study of specific cards reveals Christian, Hebrew, and...
Tarot Spirituality™, Wholeness and Healing
$140.00$199.00 USD
"From my experience and observations, classic counseling sessions are designed to unearth and dwell on painful memories," says Katrina Wynne, psycho-spiritual counselor and Tarot reader...
Tarot, Magic and Transformation
$19.00 USD
In this class Katrina Wynne focuses on the magical and transformative elements of  Tarot that can add depth to the way you read the cards and...
The Significance of Significators in Tarot Readings
$19.00 USD
In this class, Katrina Wynne shows how adding significators to your mix of Tarot reading techniques can improve the readings you do for yourself and...
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