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Jenne Perlstein

Jenne Perlstein’s unique combination of skills makes her courses and classes invaluable for Tarot readers and anyone who offers esoteric readings. In addition to her Tarot and astrology expertise, Jenne is a qualified counsellor and social worker. Her passion for the psycho-spiritual led her to study Kabbalah, meditation, Jungian psychology and primal therapy. With such a diverse range of skills and knowledge, she brings a whole other perspective to the interaction between esoteric readers and their clients.

The 12 classes in Jenne Perlstein’s course, Client skills for Tarot readers, will give you the knowledge to tune into your clients and practical ways of engaging them in their readings so that the experience is a positive one for both you and your clients. She has distilled the essence of aspects of her course into three stand-alone classes which focus on doing effective relationship readings and techniques for tuning into ‘difficult’ clients.


Jenne Perlstein classes

Client Skills for Tarot Readers
$160.00 USD
Jenne Perlstein's course on client skills gives you the knowledge to tune into your clients and practical ways of engaging them in their reading so...
The secret ingredient for effective relationship readings
$38.00 USD
Any Tarot reader or astrologer will tell you that questions about love relationships are top of the list with people who come for readings...questions like...
Tuning in to ‘difficult’ clients
$19.00 USD
Any Tarot or psychic reader will tell you that an ability to 'read' their clients is essential. Tuning in is easy when the person who...
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