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Tarot and the path of the Mystic

Throughout the ages, mystics have described an experience beyond everyday perception, a transformative awareness of the nature of reality, sometimes called cosmic consciousness or non-duality. Discover how the Tarot lights the path of transformation leading from sleep and bondage to the mystical experience of unity. In these turbulent times, the mystic experience is more important than ever.

Here’s an extract from the class which is packed with insights into how the Major Arcana cards open a window into the mystical experience.

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Tarot and the path of the Mystic

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Mystics come from all spiritual paths. Like The Hermit in the Tarot, they use their lanterns to show us the way to our true identity.  In the past, mystery schools kept a close guard on their secrets,  allowing initiates to enter only after years of preparation.  Even though anyone with access to the internet can delve into the mysteries, they still remain hidden in plain sight.  In these turbulent times, the mystic experience is more important than ever.  The world needs us to see, experience and radiate the connectedness and unity of all creation.   The Tarot is a perfect lens through which to explore the mystical, connected nature of the soul, its unfolding, and the awakening of consciousness.

In this class you will delve into:

  • the nature of the mystic experience
  • the difference between knowledge, belief, and Gnosis
  • the important role of mystics throughout time
  • how the Tarot can light the path for us
  • the symbolic language of the Tarot and how it speaks to us on multiple levels
  • how Tarot symbols work alchemically on our consciousness when we engage with them
  • the secrets of the Tarot Tableau
  • how we grow through the conscious application of what we learn from the Tarot
  • how to unlock your inner knowing, and deepen your knowledge and experience of spiritual experiences through Tarot.
About the presenter

Cynthia Ray is a mystic, teacher, intuitive Tarot reader, and artist, who has studied and taught the mystical path of Tarot for many years.  She has always been fascinated by the mystery of the unseen world – the way it breaks through our everyday consciousness in both a small, gentle caress, or an exciting energetic wave. She sees the Tarot as the perfect lens through which to explore the journey of the soul, its unfolding and the awakening of human consciousness.  Cynthia is a Certified Tarot Professional (CTP) with The Tarot Guild, and practises through her business The Mystical Tarot.

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