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Steve Hounsome

Steve Hounsome is a professional Tarot reader, teacher and author based in England. He specialises in Tarot Therapy and offers introductory, Certificate and Diploma courses in this field. Steve’s approach to spirituality is an eclectic one, as he feels that every path has something to offer. He reads widely on spiritual subjects and incorporates what he learns into his teaching. Steve feels that a sense of the sacred for each individual is vital to the maintenance of health and well-being and plays a vital role in helping us fulfil our potential and follow a path aligned to our life purpose.

Invest in Steve’s Introduction to Tarot as Therapy and by the end of the class, you will have a way of working with the Tarot that is free of restrictions and pre-conceived notions about card meanings. In Reading Tarot without Spreads Steve guides you through the exciting and sometimes challenging method of doing Tarot readings without using specific layouts or spreads.


Steve Hounsome classes

An Introduction to Tarot as Therapy
$19.00 USD
Have you ever felt that a focus on predicting the future places unnecessary limitations on how the Tarot can be used? Are you curious about...
Reading Tarot without Spreads
$19.00 USD
Do you have a favourite Tarot spread you use over and over again? Or do you have a collection of spreads from which you select...
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