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Professional Tarot Consulting Program: Level One

Katrina Wynne’s Professional Tarot Consulting Certificate Course Level One (PTC-1) is a 10-week, interactive video-based training program with live supervision sessions that teach you how to increase your skills and read your Tarot, Lenormand or oracle cards in a confident, client-focused way. You will also deepen your understanding of the context in which Tarot cards can be used and the advanced symbols and meanings of the cards.

Under Katrina’s expert guidance, you will learn how to be a professional reader with someone who has decades of real experience and a caring approach to supervision. Whether you’re an ambitious beginner, an intermediate or advanced reader or a counseling professional, the PTC-1 will challenge you to reach the professional vision you have for your practice.

PTC-1 is only offered once per year, from September 15 – November 24. Registration is limited to 20 new students, for a more intimate experience. So purchase the online video classes now and take the next step on your path to success!

In this video, Katrina talks about developing your Tarot business online – a free update to Class Four in PTC-1. She also provides an overview of what to expect in each of the eight classes.

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Professional Tarot Consulting Program: Level One

$125.00$299.00 USD

How does PTC-1 work?
  • Eight weekly modules, each with a video class recorded by Katrina and over 300 pages of handouts which include copies of the PowerPoint slides and other material.
  • Weekly assignments posted in the online Schoology classroom, which encourages comments and exchanges among students.
  • Katrina reviews and comments on all assignments.
  • Students work in pairs on weekly reading and other assignments.
  • Students and Katrina exchange notes, links, visuals, and other exciting contributions on a private Facebook page.
  • Every two weeks Katrina offers a live supervision session on Zoom for questions, practice, and more. These are recorded for review by all students.
  • Once all assignments are completed, there is a simple written exam which earns each student their PTC-1 certificate.
  • Graduates enjoy a 30-minute private session with Katrina to reinforce their newly developed style of reading and their vision for the future.
What does PTC-1 include?
  • Unlimited online access to the eight recorded classes which cover:
    • Intuitive skill building
    • Using spreads and telling the story with Tarot and other oracles
    • Counseling skills and ethics
    • Building your professional practice
    • The power of symbols
    • Dream work skills and deepening your readings
    • Astrology in Tarot
    • Alchemy and Kabbalah.

  • Four live Zoom supervision sessions which are recorded for review
  • An extensive reading list with excellent resources
  • Your personal astrological birth chart
  • A 10-week online study group experience supervised by Katrina…
    • Private Facebook group
    • Schoology page for PTC-1 assignments
    • Discussions on all topics
    • Book discussions (6 required books) and a 500-word book review
    • A shared “File” with additional materials
    • Links to helpful resources
    • Study buddies and exercises.
  • Access to the exclusive private Facebook group page for PTC graduates.

If you haven’t done so already, please purchase Katrina’s three-class series, Beginning Tarot – Knowledge to learn more about her unique psycho-spiritual approach to card meanings drawn from many years of experience reading and teaching Tarot. Click here for more information and to purchase.

How much does PTC-1 cost?
  • Only $299 USD –  an amazing bargain for a professional 10-week intensive study course, OR
  • Two payments of $149.50 each, with no interest charged.
Self-study option
  • One-time payment of $125 USD ($152 value). You work at your own pace with unlimited access to the eight recorded online classes and 300+ handouts. You do not have access to the online study group, professional supervision or certificate.
Testimonials from graduates

PTC-1 is a well-organized and engaging course that is packed full of tarot wisdom; it will elevate your readings to a professional level as well as helping you to empower your clientsCynthia, PTC-1 graduate

Katrina’s program is amazing! This course is filled with rich and diverse content. It’s clear, concise and will prepare you for your lifelong study and possible business endeavors. Katrina makes herself available and welcomes dialogue throughout the course. I am already recommending Katrina’s class to everyone I encounterNyingje, PTC-1 graduate

This has been a transformative experience. I’ve rethought much of my reading style, and for the first time, I feel like going pro is do-able, rather than a distant dreamSherryl, PTC-1 graduate

Some of katrina Wynne's students
Students from Japan, Brazil, the Caribbean, USA and more. Now, through the online program you can have the same learning and mentoring experience.

When it comes to Tarot classes, there are many options, but Katrina’s course gives you a deep dive into tarot. The program covered a lot of information, delivered in succinct chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical, and practical. There are also great book recommendations that I would never have known about if I hadn’t taken her class. Benefits came from doing assignments, watching the videos, receiving individual feedback, and interacting with Katrina and other participantsKat, PTC-1 graduate

The Professional Tarot Consulting program was the perfect way for me to dig deeper into Tarot — to learn and experience so much more than just a basic overview of the craft. Katrina is beyond knowledgeable in all things Tarot — and yet each class was loaded with history and connections and new awareness. My reading skills improved, but more importantly, I have a much richer understanding and respect for Tarot in all its formsCherie, PTC-1 graduate

The interaction between students in the Professional Tarot Consulting Course added so much to the coursework. Such diverse backgrounds and approaches — and the common desire to better use the Tarot tools — combined to result in enhanced learning and camaraderie. As probably most the junior reader in the bunch, I felt honored to get the chance to practice with prosCherie, PTC-1 graduate


About the presenter

Katrina Wynne, MA, is a professional counselor, independent scholar, writer, international teacher, ceremonialist, and Tarot consultant known for her transformative reading and teaching style. She has taught Transformative Tarot Counseling/Consulting™ since 1992, online and around the world, and has studied Tarot cards and many metaphysical arts since 1971. Katrina now teaches her transformative Tarot reading style as an exclusive opportunity on Global Spiritual Studies, where she presents the key concepts of this program and more, in a variety of formats. She is the author of An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling—The High Art of Reading.  For more information about Katrina Wynne, MA, please visit her website where you’ll find testimonials from people who have studied with her.

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