The Wheel of Segais


with Pamela Meekings-Stewart


The Wheel of Segais is both a divination tool and a simple but profound template for understanding the innate nature of the universe and our place within it. ‘It is my own creation,’ says Pamela Meekings-Stewart. ‘It came to me in a flash of inspiration (Awen) supported by over 20 years of study in Druidry, the Four Elements and Seasons and the 12 Archetypes or Wisdoms. I awoke one morning and in that magical time between sleeping and waking, all that knowledge and wisdom came together in a beautiful, simple image that I now call The Wheel of Segais or, sometimes, The Wheel of Inevitability!

‘The wisdom contained within it allows us to perceive all that we are and all that we need as we experience the turning of the wheel of the year – the Four Seasons, the 12 stages, the circles of Past, Present and Future, the ‘Guardian Angels’ who protect the outer circle, and the Well itself in the centre.’

So what is the Well of Segais? ‘It’s the Otherworld source of the Boyne that some say lies in the navel of the Goddess Bo-Ann,’ says Pamela. ‘If we make our way to this pool, and dive deep into its waters to find the salmon, we find ourselves diving down into the belly, the womb, of the Goddess Herself. And in doing this we have come to the cauldron which represents the source of rebirth and wisdom. The Well of Segais is a deep pool, surrounded by the Nine Hazels of Inspiration. The Hazel nuts ripen and fall into the pool where the Salmon of Wisdom eats them. She cracks their shells and the empty shells float off, down the many streams that flow from the Well of Segais. It is said that one may never be wise until one has drunk from the Well of Segais.’


This video contains extracts from the first of what will be a series of classes for people who would like to do readings not only for themselves but for others. The classes will cover how The Wheel of Segais can be used to plot the paths and cycles, of your projects, your relationships, and your life through the four stages of Initiation, Emergence, Maturation and Manifestation. You can purchase the full recording of the first class below.

The program of seven classes will commence in mid July 2018. Due to the interactive nature of four of the classes, only six students will be enrolled at a time. Included in the fee for the course, is the Personal Reader Kit, which comprises a large copy of The Wheel of Segais for castings, nine hazelnuts, and a Personal Reader Guide. Click here to receive information about the classes.

About the presenter

Pamela Meekings-Stewart was, for over 25 years, a film and television producer/director (documentaries and drama) at two major media organisations – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, and Television New Zealand, Wellington.

Since 1990 she has run her own company, The Woolshed Retreats, on her farm just outside Wellington, New Zealand where she offers spiritual retreats and Total Pampering Days; facilitates 4 Elements/4 Seasons workshops; provides one-on-one life coaching; teaches the healing discipline of shiatsu; is a marriage celebrant; and hosts both a monthly women’s Full Moon Circle (based on the 12 archetypes of the Goddess); and the 8 seasonal rituals for her OBOD Druid Grove – Grove of the Summer Stars. This is the essence of The Wheel of Segais. For more information, visit Pamela’s Wheel of Segais website.


I watched your Wheel of Segais introduction last night and felt uplifted and inspired by the experience.
Thank you for sharing your passion...Dawn Mackenzie

Pamela, your Wheel reading for me was so spot on, I was absolutely amazed – wow!!Jo van Trigt, New Zealand

Just a very quick and inadequately written thank you for your time and energy. Everything in your reading provided me with the reassurance and guidance I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Angela, New Zealand

Really wonderful, I am so pleased to have discovered this, what a truly excellent vision of yoursAnna Cook, France

Thank you so much Pamela for doing this reading for me. That is a great reading and it will spur me on. . . exactly the right time for me. I think that the Wheel Of Segais is an amazing tool. It is a great insight into our hidden strengths and the innate abilities that we do not necessarily know that we have. It will make a difference to many livesLiz Prackert, Australia

I just wanted to thank you for your reading from the Well of Segais. It was exactly what I wanted to hear! I gave myself a year of joyful celebrations for turning 60 in December and was starting to look ahead. The thought of a 12 year nurturing phase with increasing delegation makes perfect sense. The Well of Segais is truly you. It’s a wonderful divining tool. I felt very honoured, and being exactly one cusp behind you, your advice was especially poignant and something I shall treasure…Susan Jones, UK


Pamela and her helpers during the recording of the class in New Zealand.
Pamela and her helpers during the recording of the class in New Zealand.

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The Wheel of Segais