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A world where everyone can find and follow their spiritual path in peace…that’s our vision.

The learning experiences you find here will nourish your soul, give you time to explore your spiritual path and open doors to ways of living that embrace both spiritual and worldly needs.



  • A series of classes that develop knowledge incrementally
  • Contact with teacher through private online discussion group, Skype calls, quizzes and homework
  • Available on DVD or as recordings you watch online
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  • Journeys of the soul with Gothic Image  Tours to sacred and spiritual sites in the UK and Ireland
  • Open yourself to personal transformation and discovery
  • Absorb the spirit of place, reconnect with nature and the divine on a quest to find inner peace and renewal.

Learn how to interpret your dreams

'Follow your dreams, transform your life!' Imagine how wonderful you would feel if you could see your life unfolding in the way the words of Paul Coelho urge us to do. But first you must dream, because... 'before it is, it must be dreamed'.

Mary Phelan's five classes on Mapping Your Dreams contain a wealth of information about the nature of sleep, why we dream and how to organise our sleeping environment so that we can tap into the amazing resource that is our sub-conscious, the place where so much wisdom, insight and clarity reside.

If you don't remember your dreams (or only occasionally), this course will help you bring those submerged dreams to the surface. If you are an active dreamer and sometimes feel lost or confused about your dreams, this is definitely the course for you! You will learn how to use a range of techniques to interpret your dreams and compile your own personal dream dictionary.

The classes can be downloaded or mailed to you stored on a DVD or USB flash drive. Click here for more information and to purchase.

Tarot Magic in Merlin's Britain

Come on a an otherworldly journey featuring encounters with Pamela Colman-Smith, Merlin and Arthur. Special guest on the tour is internationally renowned Tarot author, teacher and scholar, Mary K. Greer.

  • Call in the spirit of Pamela Colman-Smith in rituals in stone circles in her beloved Cornwall. Sense how she felt as she created the iconic images in the Waite-Smith deck and open to messages she may have for us today.
  • Experience the energy of sacred sites and landscapes by following in the footsteps of Merlin, Morgan La Fey and King Arthur.
  • Listen for whispered messages Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel, at Stonehenge, on the ancient Isle of Avalon (Glastonbury) and at Avebury.
  • Take part in a Druidic dawn ceremony inside the circle of the prehistoric temple of Stonehenge.
  • Through Tarot readings in sacred sites, gain insight into your own spiritual journey…readings whose messages will continue to unfold for years to come.

Click here for more information about the tour which runs from 6-15 June 2017.