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A world where everyone can find and follow their spiritual path in peace…that’s what we believe in.

The learning experiences you find here will nourish your soul, give you time to explore your spiritual path and open doors to ways of living that embrace both spiritual and worldly needs.


  • A series of classes that develop knowledge incrementally
  • Contact with teacher through private online discussion group, Skype calls, quizzes and homework
  • Available on DVD or as recordings you watch online
  • Topic areas:
Master Classes
Spiritual travel
  • Journeys of the soul with Gothic Image  Tours to sacred and spiritual sites in the UK and Ireland
  • Open yourself to personal transformation and discovery
  • Absorb the spirit of place, reconnect with nature and the divine on a quest to find inner peace and renewal.

Living the Tree of Life with Evelynne Joffe

Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What’s the meaning of my life? Kabbalah answers these big questions and more.

Karen from the US says…‘the course is spectacular! I am so glad that I invested in my continued professional development. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about the Kabbalah and esoteric studies!’

This course of 28 classes has been designed for beginners, with a psychological rather than a religious emphasis. The beauty of Evelynne’s approach is that her explanations focus on how the energies of the sephirot and paths manifest in everyday life. This is a ‘plain English’ guide to the Tree of Life,  a truly unique approach to teaching Kabbalah, one that allows you to ‘live’ the Tree as you climb from Malkuth to Kether.

The classes are available in five instalments on DVD or as Windows media files which can be viewed on PCs or Macs. Click here for more information.


Travel back in time on a journey that touches your soul

From Avalon to Camelot –  a journey through the myths of time on a quest for your own personal Holy Grail. Travel back in time to the enchanted realms of Arthur, Merlin and Morgan le Fey. Experience the history, mystery and magic of the landscape and legends of ancient south-western Britain as you visit the sacred shrines of our ancestors whose spirit dwells in these natural sanctuaries. Book now for the tour that runs from 2-11 September.

Spiritual travel is an integral part of the learning experiences offered through Global Spiritual Studies. “I do this through partnerships with people who share my passion for providing travel experiences that connect people to the spirit of place in a relaxed, supportive environment,” says Linda Marson, founder of Global Spiritual Studies. “When you return from a special holiday with a sense of inner peace and renewal, you’ve been on what I call a soul journey, one that opens you to a deeper understanding of who you are.”

Click here to read more from Linda about her own experience of ‘soul journeying’.

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