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  • Journeys of the soul with Gothic Image  Tours to sacred and spiritual sites in the UK and Ireland
  • Open yourself to personal transformation and discovery
  • Absorb the spirit of place, reconnect with nature and the divine on a quest to find inner peace and renewal.

Follow your dreams, transform your life! (Paul Coelho)

Mary Phelan’s five classes on Mapping Your Dreams contain a wealth of information about the nature of sleep, why we dream and how to organise our sleeping environment so that we can tap into the amazing resource that is our sub-conscious.

If you don’t remember your dreams (or only occasionally), this course will help you bring those submerged dreams to the surface. If you are an active dreamer and sometimes feel lost or confused about your dreams, this is definitely the course for you!

Marie from California writes...Mary presented a wealth of information in clear and concise language that was readily accessible and understandable. She has made my dream exploration richer and the unraveling of my dreams easier and more fun!

The course is available on DVD or as recordings you can watch online as many times as you like. Click here for more information, including a link to where you can watch the first class for FREE!

Tarot course with Linda Marson starts on 22 August - register now!

I highly recommend Linda'a course, it is soooo much better than trying to get information from books and a great introduction to the Tarot. I could do it in my own time and have Linda’s input and feedback through the Schoology website...says Janis from Perth in Australia.

In this course, Linda Marson takes you through a journey which leads to a deep understanding of the cards and how to read them in ways that provide meaningful and empowering answers to questions. Her approach to teaching Tarot gives you a system for learning the cards and reading card combinations quickly and intuitively.

The next course runs from 22 August – 11 December. During this period, Linda gives you week-by-week practical support through an online discussion forum, activities and practice readings. Purchase recordings now so that you have plenty of time to watch the classes before the course starts.

Click here for an overview of the course and to purchase. There you'll find links to where you can watch the first class for FREE and instructions for accessing the Schoology website to see the exercises, quizzes and discussion topics included in the online forum.