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A world where everyone can find and follow their spiritual path in peace…that’s what we believe in.

The learning experiences you find here will nourish your soul, give you time to explore your spiritual path and open doors to ways of living that embrace both spiritual and worldly needs.


  • A series of classes that develop knowledge incrementally
  • Contact with teacher through private online discussion group, Skype calls, quizzes and homework
  • Available on DVD or as recordings you watch online
  • Topic areas:
Master Classes
Spiritual travel
  • Journeys of the soul with Gothic Image  Tours to sacred and spiritual sites in the UK and Ireland
  • Open yourself to personal transformation and discovery
  • Join Tarot artist and writer, Arnell Ando, and Morena Poltronieri from the Museum of Tarot on a Tarot Art and History Tour of Italy in 2015

Petit Lenormand discussion group starts 1st May

Are you a Tarot reader wanting to ride the Petit Lenormand wave but not sure how to navigate these two very different card systems? Who better to learn from than internationally renowned Tarot author, reader and teacher, Mary K. Greer who confesses to giving herself over to a ‘complete Lenormand obsession’ in recent years!

From May 1-21 Mary is available through an online discussion group to answer questions and discuss homework. There’s also a live Q&A session via Skype on 7 May. Click here to purchase the course now, or if you’ve already done so, you’ll receive an email with details of how to participate in the discussion group and Q&A session.

Unravelling the mystery of your dreams

In her course, Mapping Your Dreams, Mary Phelan does so much more than show you how to interpret dreams. On offer is a whole dream package – a treasure house of knowledge and ideas that transport you to another realm. Mary shows you how to do an energy assessment of your sleeping environment to help you cross the bridge into the dream state; she demystifyies the structure of dreams and brings it all together in the final class by giving you a range of techniques to interpret the symbols and actions in your dreams.

You can watch the first class, Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams, for FREE. To purchase recordings of the whole package of five classes – either on DVD or as recordings you watch online, click here.

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