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Shamanic practices

There are many ways to explore the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our beings.  Studying the Kabbalah and Tarot are two ways which have their own dedicated sections on Global Spiritual Studies but there are many more wonderful ways of coming to understand who we really are, of accessing our unseen, spiritual selves.

Classes and products available through Global Spiritual Studies cover psychic development, dream interpretation, Druid practices, oracle cards, divination, numerology, accessing your intuition, astrology, ayurveda and meditation.

Shamanic practices classes

Accessing the Oracle Within
$19.00 USD
Understanding your unique intuitive style will help you in your work with Tarot and Oracle decks as well as in your personal life. Of course,...
Astrology, Tarot and predictions
$15.00 USD
Is our house going to sell? What's the future of my relationship with Joe? These are the sorts of questions people ask of tarot readers...
Astronumerology – Pan’s Script
Destiny may be written in the stars, but you have the power to shape it. In Pan’s Script, Elkie White offers a treasure trove of...
Decoding the energies of the Tarot Court
$19.00 USD
Astrology is central to Sara’s approach to interpreting the Tarot Court. So, if you struggle with interpreting the court cards, not knowing when to see them...
Diamond Light Numerology© – Your Angelic Messengers
$19.00 USD
Would you like to have a direct and easy way to discover what makes you unique and how you can transform yourself in remarkable and...
Divination and Transformation with the Sacred Animals of the Druid Tradition
$19.00 USD
In this workshop Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm show you how you can work with the sacred animals of Druidry for divination and for personal transformation....
Dream Interpretation
$79.00 USD
Mary Phelan's five classes on Mapping Your Dreams contain a wealth of information about the nature of sleep, why we dream and how to organise...
Druid Wisdom Oracle
The Druid Wisdom Oracle enables gentle yet deep insights for reflection and divination. Inspired by practices from modern and historical Druidry, the cards can be...
Eating for your Body Type
$15.00 USD
Ayurveda is a healthy life-style system that originated in India more than 5000 years ago.  According to Ayurvedic medical theory, each person is an individual...
Gaining Archetypal Vision
$9.99 USD
This fascinating discussion with Toni Gilbert, author of Gaining Archetypal Vision, reveals how an understanding of archetypes can aid personal growth and healing. What are archetypes? How...
Introduction to Ayurvedic Concepts
$15.00 USD
Ayurveda is a healthy life-style system that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. According to Ayurvedic medical theory, each person's individual constitution is...
Kabbalah, DruidCraft and Tarot
$19.00 USD
The magic of the Tarot is that the images talk to you in different ways at different times in your life. And they can talk...
Letting go of the past with EFT
$19.00 USD
Do you sometimes feel you're carrying around suitcases full of old events, traumas, beliefs and even physical items from your past? If so, learning about...
Magic & Manifestation – Book
We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction, but have you ever wondered why some people have no difficulty manifesting their dreams, while others seem...
Meditation for a busy life
$77.00 USD
How many times have you thought about doing a meditation class or joining a meditation group and done nothing about it? In our fast-paced Western...
Psychic Development
$97.00 USD
Are you ready to take your psychic abilities to the next level?  If the answer is 'yes', this fun, information-packed audio workshop is for you! ...
The energy around you
$6.90 USD
Your heart sings as you stand atop a cliff and drink in the energy of the ocean. The tranquil waters of a lake draw you...
The secrets of lunar planning
$15.00 USD
Want to know how to use moon phases to plan your life? In this lively and entertaining presentation on the secrets of lunar planning, astrologer,...
The Wheel of Segais Reader Training Course
$120.00$279.00 USD
The Wheel of Segais, created by Pamela Meekings-Stewart, is a way to understand the cycle of all things be it a project, an intention, a...
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