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Toni Gilbert

Toni Gilbert is a holistic nurse with a practice in transpersonal counseling. Her formal education includes psychology, transpersonal studies,  wellness counseling, mind-body consciousness, guided imagery, the use of imagery in medicine and aromatherapy. She offers clients an array of healing arts techniques to enhance wellness and prevent illness.

Gaining Archetypal Vision is an audio interview with Linda Marson in which Toni discusses how an understanding of archetypes can aid personal growth and healing. What are archetypes? How do we experience them and how can we work with them? Tarot cards are one of Toni’s main tools for exploring archetypal energies with clients, so the discussion often comes back to how the images on cards are triggers for ‘aha’ moments that lead to enlightenment and an understanding of how to move forward with an issue.


Toni Gilbert classes

Gaining Archetypal Vision
$9.99 USD
This fascinating discussion with Toni Gilbert, author of Gaining Archetypal Vision, reveals how an understanding of archetypes can aid personal growth and healing. What are archetypes? How...
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