Global Spiritual Studies is my No. 1 online go-to for Tarot courses and Tarot master classes, providing access to the teachings and wisdom of the leading practitioners in the Tarot field. Linda Marson has consistently delivered a first class service and professional communication each time. I look forward to returning again and again to stay updated with new programs and to learn more as the profession advances and I evolve as a Tarot reader myself.Richard, UK

Choose from a wonderful smorgasbord of Tarot offerings! Internationally-renowned Tarot authors, Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer, present a range of classes about aspects of Tarot. They are joined by other Tarot professionals from around the world who share their insights into the art of reading Tarot and creating Tarot decks. Video recordings of these classes are available for download to your computer or device.

If you’re a novice and want a whole course of study that takes you systematically through all the cards, check out Linda Marson’s Live and Learn the Tarot course. If you’re further along the path, consider Katrina Wynne’s Professional Tarot Consulting – Certificate Program. Whatever your level of expertise or interest, you’re sure to find something that suits you!

  • Christine Payne-Towler
    Christine Payne-Towler

    Christine Payne-Towler (2)

    Christine Payne-Towler is a staunch supporter of the Continental Tarots, their inherent esotericism, and the lineages of Tarot that have stemmed from this tradition. If you want to know how to interpret the patterns on the Pip cards in Marseilles-style decks or want to trace the history of Goddess imagery in the tarot, Christine’s online classes...Continue reading ➜
  • Evelynne Joffe
    Evelynne Joffe

    Evelynne Joffe (3)

    The common thread running through Evelynne’s master classes is how an understanding of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life can add another dimension to your Tarot readings. Start with the overview of Tarot on the Tree of Life and proceed to presentations that focus on The Devil and The Hanged Man. Click here for information on Living the...Continue reading ➜
  • Geraldine Amaral
    Geraldine Amaral

    Geraldine Amaral (1)

    Exploring your Spiritual Path with Tarot and ZenWhere are you on your spiritual journey?  What inner resources are available to help you stay focused on the presence of the Divine? In these two classes, Geraldine Amaral reveals how you can use the images and teachings of the Osho Zen Tarot deck to help you tune into the Divine Presence within....Continue reading ➜
  • James Ricklef
    James Ricklef

    James Ricklef (2)

    James Ricklef is a Tarot professional – reader, author, teacher and deck creator. He has published six Tarot books, including The Soul’s Journey, Tarot Reading Explained and Tarot Spreads – Get the Whole Story. He has created a deck, Tarot of the Masters, released a Pithy Tarot iPhone app and is a prolific blogger! Soul Food for...Continue reading ➜
  • Jenne Perlstein
    Jenne Perlstein

    Jenne Perlstein (3)

    Jenne Perlstein’s unique combination of skills makes her courses and classes invaluable for tarot readers and anyone who offers esoteric readings. In addition to her tarot and astrology expertise, Jenne is a qualified counsellor and social worker. As such, she brings a whole other perspective to the interaction between esoteric readers and their clients. Follow the...Continue reading ➜
  • Katrina Wynne
    Katrina Wynne

    Katrina Wynne (14)

    Katrina Wynne sees Tarot as a model and method of transformation, a magical process whereby we enter the mystery of our greatest potential. She blends her intuition and knowledge with her client’s to reveal the energy at work and the lesson in readings. “Sometimes, I feel like a spiritual midwife, helping new life to be born!” she says. Katrina’s classes...Continue reading ➜
  • Linda Marson
    Linda Marson

    Linda Marson (12)

    You’ll find lots of practical advice on how to finetune your tarot reading skills in tarot courses and master classes offered by tarot author, teacher and former President of the Tarot Guild of Australia, Linda Marson...Continue reading ➜
  • Mary K. Greer
    Mary K. Greer

    Mary K. Greer (9)

    Improving your tarot readings through a knowledge of tarot history, working with your tarot birth and year cards and the role card readers have played in society…these are just some of the topics Mary K. Greer explores in tarot master classes for Global Spiritual Studies. Petit Lenormand Mary K. Greer, has totally immersed herself in the study of the Petit...Continue reading ➜
  • Moira Hutchison
    Moira Hutchison

    Moira Hutchison

    Understanding your unique intuitive style will help you in your work with Tarot and Oracle decks as well as in your personal life. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you believe that intuitive information should come to you in a specific fashion - such as words that pop into your ear, for example, or as visions....Continue reading ➜
  • Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
    Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

    Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

    The DruidCraft Tarot – a gateway to inner wisdom… We can’t quite create the atmosphere of a workshop like this one with Philip and Stephanie in Germany. However, with a little imagination we can create a virtual circle in which to explore the Druidcraft Tarot. Imagine working with the Tarot in a way that allows...Continue reading ➜
  • Rachel Pollack
    Rachel Pollack

    Rachel Pollack (4)

    Rachel Pollack is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the modern interpretation of the tarot. Her master classes for Global Spiritual Studies cover a range of topics – from different ways to read with the Major Arcana to discussions about prophecy and tarot, as well as the wonderful concept of tarot as a GPS for the Soul! Follow the links...Continue reading ➜
  • Roxi Sim and Pamela Steele
    Roxi Sim and Pamela Steele

    Roxi Sim and Pamela Steele (3)

    In the world of tarot deck creation Roxi Sim and Pamela Steele are highly regarded – not just for the decks they have published but also for their networking and mentoring initiatives. In 2011 they created the Tarot Deck Creators page on Facebook as a place where tarot artists and authors could meet and exchange ideas...Continue reading ➜
  • Sara Gilbert
    Sara Gilbert

    Sara Gilbert (1)

    Decoding the energies of the Tarot Court If you struggle with interpreting the court cards, not knowing when to see them as people, when to see them as ways of responding to a situation, or when to interpret them as events, this class with professional tarot teacher and astrologer, Sara Gilbert is for you! Your layout is great and accurate…Very informative...Continue reading ➜
  • Sheilaa Hite
    Sheilaa Hite

    Sheilaa Hite (1)

    Karma, Past Lives and the Tarot ‘Who am I?’…..’Why does this keep happening to me?’……’We’ve just met– why do I feel like I’ve known you forever?’ In this master class which runs for almost two hours, you learn how to identify and work with karmic issues. Sheilaa has designed a number of Tarot spreads to...Continue reading ➜
  • Steve Hounsome
    Steve Hounsome

    Steve Hounsome (2)

    Steve Hounsome is a professional Tarot reader, teacher and author based in England. He specialises in Tarot Therapy and offers introductory, Certificate and Diploma courses in this field. Invest in his single class, An Introduction to Tarot as Therapy, to see what it’s all about! If you want to experiment with doing readings in a free-flowing way, check out his class on Reading Tarot without Spreads...Continue reading
  • Tarot deck creation
    Tarot deck creation

    Tarot deck creation (1)

  • Tarot Music
    Tarot Music

    Tarot Music

    An exhiliarating musical roller-coaster ride through the Major Arcana is how I would describe Réjean Paquin’s Tarot music. Sound effects and voices are woven into the 22 tracks which are a mixture of styles – from gentle ballads to pop tunes to cinema-style soundtracks....Continue Reading ➜