Tuning in to ‘difficult’ clients


disgtraughtAny tarot or psychic reader will tell you that an ability to ‘read’ their clients is essential. Tuning in is easy when the person who comes for a reading is willing to engage in the process, responds to the way you’re interpreting the cards and is open to new ways of seeing whatever issue is being discussed. But what about the so-called ‘difficult’ clients, the ones who wear dark glasses, sit with their arms folded, never say a word because you’re the mind-reader and you should know what they’re thinking! How do you, as the reader, feel and how do you deal with the negative energy such behaviour generates?

In this online class Jenne Perlstein draws on her extensive experience as a social worker and professional tarot reader to help you understand why people could be presenting as:

  • Bag over headresistant
  • obsessive
  • manipulative
  • aggressive
  • anxious
  • demanding
  • dreamy
  • or just plain ‘odd’!

The other side of the coin is how you respond to ‘difficult’ clients. What are you bringing into the room that may be influencing the way you perceive a client’s behaviour? To make sure the discussion focussed on real situations Jenne asked people in the live session for examples from their own experience. We’ve all had so-called ‘difficult’ clients and this class provides the perfect opportunity to revisit those situations and evaluate how well we coped at the time and to consider how else we could have responded.

Jenne PerlsteinAbout the presenter

Jenne Perlstein, MBBS (Medical Bachelor, Bachelor of Surgery), BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), Cert. 4 TAA, AASW; Cert.Appl Astrology(Astro Synthesis) is a widely experienced social worker (25 years) with a degree in medicine (including study of psychology and psychiatry).

Jenne is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia, and has been reading tarot for 16 years. She is also an astrologer, having studied at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne in 1997.

As a social worker she uses the knowledge gained in Medicine in her work which encompasses counselling, family work, case work, community development, policy and extensive work in education. She has worked in Australia and the UK in the areas of aged care, brain injury, mental health, vocational rehabilitation and Aboriginal justice.

Jenne has a passion for the psycho-spiritual, and in addition to the above, has studied and participated in Kabbalah, meditation, Jungian psychology and primal therapy. For more information visit Jenne’s website, Tarot Astro Counselling.

A video recording of the class is available for download to your computer or device as an MP4 file. It can be viewed on PCs using Windows Media Player and on Macs using the free VLC multimedia player for Mac operating systems which can be downloaded here.

Cost: $19 USD

Payment: online through PayPal using a credit or debit card.


Tuning in to ‘difficult’ clients

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