The Devil


Class on The Devil with Evelynne JoffeThe Devil, card number 15, is one of the most feared and misunderstood cards of the Major Arcana, mostly caused by misinformation and superstition.  We have all seen movies with the old crone of a Tarot reader, in a dark and dusty room, turning over the Devil and the Death card, with the music deepening in the background and our hero or heroine looking horrified…Poor Devil!

This Major Arcana card is one that demonstrates so clearly the value of studying the Kabbalah in conjunction with the Tarot. In this session, Evelynne Joffe looks at the symbolism in a selection of Devil images and examines the card’s position on the Tree of Life to gain a deeper understanding of it. Click here to watch a short video which gives you a taste of what Evelynne has to say about the bogeyman of the Tarot!

Evelynne JoffeAbout the presenter

Evelynne Joffe, a Director of the Institute of Esoteric Studies in Melbourne, is a well-known and respected teacher,writer and lecturer of the Kabbalah. She is also a dream therapist and Tarot counsellor.

Evelynne was the founding Vice President of the Tarot Guild of Australia and a past President of the Tarot Guild. She has has offered courses in Melbourne on the Kabbalah, as well as beginner and advanced Tarot since the early 1990s. She has also lectured and written on Tarot widely in Australia and overseas.

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The Devil

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