Psychic Development


with Mary Phelan

Are you ready to take your psychic abilities to the next level?  If the answer is ‘yes’, this fun, information-packed audio workshop is for you!  It contains almost eight hours of instruction, exercises and information, all based on Mary Phelan’s research, study and experience over many years. Facets of Psychic Development covered in the workshop include:

Lotus meditation and seven chakrasMeditation, Psychic Protection,  Auras,  Chakras

Meditation is essential for self development and psychic development and a foundational step in grounding your intuitive abilities. You learn different meditation techniques designed to assist you to master the attention and focus, which is an essential part of your development. You learn about the concept of ‘good and evil’ and the what, why and how of psychic protection. You also learn about reading and understanding auras and how to interpret unconscious communication from the chakras.

If you would like to explore meditation more deeply, check out Mary’s audio class, Meditation for a Busy Life.

Telepathy, Psychic Borders

Telepathy is a form of communication we all use. Some of this communication is perceived, but most of it occurs at an unconscious level. You learn how to access this communication in a more conscious way and how to direct it to others in a clear and high vibrational way. You also learn how to do a reading for others and how to have the essential psychic borders that enable you to be a grounded and accurate reader. There are specially designed exercises to develop your telepathy.

!psy dev 11Clairvoyance/Clairaudience/Clairsentience/Spirit Guides

We delve into the nature of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience and help you discover which method of perception is more innate within you. These topics are approached in a balanced way, drawing from both esoteric teachings and scientific research and findings. There are exercises designed to grow these abilities and to bring them to a more consciously directed place. We also look at the nature of spirit guides and how to utilize them in your development.


You get information from your ‘intuition’ long before your brain has even figured out the question. You learn how to connect with this ancient inner guidance system and how to utilize it to get guidance in your life today. You learn what a timeline is and how to use it to gain insight into future paths.

Mary PhelanAbout the presenter

Mary Phelan is the co-host of the popular and long running metaphysical television show, Telepathic TV, which airs in the Washington D.C. area and online at She is well known as an Intuitive Reader and Medium, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, EFT Practitioner and Trainer, Seichim Master Teacher and the author of the Inner Wisdom Cards, Spirit Animal Cards, Chakra Affirmation Cards and Mary’s Magical Message Cards. Mary is also an Ordained Minister and has designed intuitive arts program for online metaphysical universities. She holds regular workshops on Psychic Development, Dream Interpretation, Tarot, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Mayan Astrology and other spiritual and metaphysical subjects.

Mary has been a student, researcher and teacher of the Intuitive Arts since she was a child and has been teaching and practicing professionally since the late 1990s. Having a background in computer science and esoteric research, she brings a grounded and innovative approach to her work. Her areas of discipline include her unique and ground-breaking techniques of dream interpretation, new ways to interpret and utilize tarot cards and her popular and in depth Psychic Development Series. She is a practicing Medium and Intuitive Reader and has taught thousands of people to develop these qualities within themselves.


The workshop is available as an mp3 file which you can listen to on your computer or mp3 player. Within 24 hours of your payment being processed you will receive an email from Mary with instructions on how to download the file.


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Psychic Development

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