Eating for your Body Type


Anjani Helen Gregoriou

Ayurveda is a healthy life-style system that originated in India more than 5000 years ago.  According to Ayurvedic medical theory, each person is an individual with a unique constitution or ‘body type’. In this presentation, Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant, Anjani Helen Gregoriou, demystifies modern misconceptions around food and diets and explains:

  • how to eat for your body type
  • how to feed your soul
  • how your digestive fire (Agni) plays a critical role in prevention of disease and how to ‘stoke’ your fire
  • that one diet does not fit all” – how to tailor foods to your unique body type
  • how to beat sugar cravings and hunger pangs for long term weight management
  • the truth about milk and soy and why soy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
  • quick and easy techniques for preparing and cooking with grains for energising your body~mind
  • when and how to eat to boost your energy levels, increase stamina, improve quality of sleep, build your immune system and much more!!

Before the session, complete the free questionnaire to help you determine which dosha or doshas predominate in your constitution. The questions cover eating habits, physical characteristics, personality traits and behaviour patterns. Click here to download a copy.

About the presenter

Anjani Helen Gregoriou is a holistic Ayurvedic Health and Lifestyle Consultant, Energy Healer, Yoga Instructor and Writer. Former corporate lawyer turned holistic therapist, Anjani offers corporate master classes in attaining and maintaining optimum health and well-being, as well as personalised consultations, body and oil therapies and energy healings at her Sydney clinic.

Anjani uses her 15 years of corporate experience coupled with her expertise of the 5000 year old Indian Ayurvedic ‘science of health’ to empower you to initiate the changes needed for the healthy life you deserve. Raised in a family of carers, Anjani always held a strong desire and commitment to help others. After suffering years of chronic digestive problems and debilitating sickness, Anjani began her search for an alternative way of reclaiming her health and coping with the stresses of modern day life. Through adopting the simple Ayurvedic principles of a daily routine, diet and exercise suited to her unique body type, Anjani cured herself within a few short months.

Anjani’s business, Initiate Ayurveda, was born from her passion for empowering people to initiate the necessary changes in life towards inner harmony, outer health and joyous well- being. “It struck me that I hadn’t even realised how unhappy and physically depleted I had become. I was so caught up in my ‘busy-ness’ that I neglected my own health and happiness.” Click here to visit Anjani’s website.


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Eating for your Body Type

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