Diamond Light Numerology© – Your Angelic Messengers


with Jennifer Starlight

Would you like to have a direct and easy way to discover what makes you unique and how you can transform yourself in remarkable and lasting ways? Well you can – with Jennifer Starlight’s Diamond Light Numerology System©. The system is not only amazingly accurate, but also provides something quite unique in the field of numerology- an esoteric map for both emotional and spiritual healing.

“Numbers have their own divine intelligence,” says Jennifer. “They know how to work in harmony with the human psyche and its enormous mental, emotional and spiritual history. For this reason, they can reveal to you your own spiritual gifts and human challenges in this lifetime.”

The Diamond Light Numerology System© was received in 2003 by Jennifer Starlight from a collective consciousness known as The Union of Love and Light and has continued to evolve and deliver remarkable knowledge with Jennifer being continually surprised at the truths and powerful healing guidance these numbers offer.

In this foundation class you will discover:

  • your own unique Sacred Equation
  • the emotional patterns that are holding you back in your life and relationships
  • where these patterns are located in your body. This knowledge will provide you with vital information to help transform any health issues you might be experiencing.

Enjoy a taste of the class with this short extract. The full recording runs for one hour and 20 minutes.

Comments from participants in the live class

Diamond Light Numerology SystemThe information was super interesting and well presented and I am motivated to delve into it more!… Christina, Australia

This was a very enlightening class.. Loved the presentation and how simply everything was explained! Thank you!!…Reet, India

Amazing information in such a short time, very interesting and would love to learn more please... Salena, Australia

Thanks Jen. Very well presented and wonderful to have so much confirmation from the participants. Love it and know it is all so true at a soul level … Michelle. Australia

About the presenter

Jennifer Starlight The Diamond Light Numerology SystemJennifer Starlight is an internationally recognised Australian trance medium, teacher and author. She is regarded as a leading authority within her field and since 1990, has dedicated her life to demonstrating and teaching the power of Spirit around the world, leaving her audiences in no doubt about her abilities and authentic connection to the Invisible Masters. Jennifer is the channel an founder of both the Diamond Light Activations and Diamond Light Numerology Systems. Jennifer has written four books on esoteric studies and until recently hosted her own Psychic Radio show in the U.S. for 7 years. Her time is now dedicated to being a trance medium and teacher in service to Spirit, inspiring thousands of people to journey inward to discover and realise their own natural intuition and divine intelligence. For more information, visit Jennifer’s website, The Invisible College.


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Diamond Light Numerology© – Your Angelic Messengers