The Cathedral in Tarot


Ever wondered how to interpret the elaborate geometric patterns on the pip cards of Marseilles style decks? Well, this video class is just what you need! In it, Christine Payne-Towler discusses some of the Mysteries that underpin the patterns, thus revealing a system for interpreting the pip cards. She shows how the principles of Number and a philosophical approach that sees architecture as a model of interior or psychological space, provide a deeper level of understanding about the structure of the Tarot.

With reference to the the oldest Tarots, Christine investigates the inherited Western Tradition regarding the numbers. Dynamics from the Pythagorean Tetractys and the Kabbalah Tree are reviewed, as well as ideas about the patterns formed on the faces of the Pips by the suit symbols.

Christine maintains that beyond the core concepts  of 1 – 4, one finds a whole philosophy of ratios and proportions that informs the intervals of music, art,  architecture, astrology and also Tarot. And of course, the Hermetic Cosmos of Astrology underpins all the other Mysteries related to the Numbers.

Christine Payne-TowlerAbout the presenter

Christine Payne-Towler is a staunch and steady supporter of the Continental Tarots, their inherent esotericism, and the various lineages of Tarot that have stemmed from this tradition. She is the author of The Underground Stream; Esoteric Tarot Revealed, as well as the the writer of the divinatory Tarot text at the website Since 2007, Christine has been presiding over a growing body of work at the website In 2012 she and partner Michael Dowers published their own Continental deck – The Tarot of the Holy Light.


You can download a video recording of the class as a Windows Media file (.wmv). It can be viewed on PCs using Windows Media Player and on Macs using the free VLC multimedia player for Mac operating systems which can be downloaded here.

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The Cathedral in Tarot