Petit Lenormand

The most famous card reader during the Napoleonic era was Marie Anne Lenormand. Until recently, use of the divination cards which carry her name, has been confined to Europe, but not now. Suddenly everyone wants a deck and everyone wants to know how to read them.

Mary K. Greer

Internationally renowned Tarot author and teacher, Mary K. Greer, has totally immersed herself in the study of these cards and developed a course which teaches you how to read the cards quickly and with confidence.

Caitlin Matthews

Caitlín Matthews is acknowledged as a world authority on Celtic Wisdom, the Western Mysteries and the ancestral traditions of Britain and Europe. In recent years the focus of Caitlín’s work has been the Lenormand Oracle deck. Her own Enchanted Lenormand Oracle was published in 2013 and her comprehensive practical guide to reading the cards –  The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook was published in 2014.