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Messages from the Archetypes

Toni Gilbert’s Messages from the Archetypes is a revealing study of how to use Tarot as a therapeutic method and means for self-realisation, utilising well-known principles from transpersonal psychology. Using case studies and fully illustrated descriptions of the Tarot deck, Gilbert blends the complementary disciplines of nursing and the intuitive arts to offer a profound guidebook for personal and professional use.

Also available through Global Spiritual Studies is a recorded interview with Toni where she discusses how an understanding of archetypes can aid personal growth and healing.  Because Tarot cards are one of Toni’s main tools for exploring archetypal energies with clients, the discussion often comes back to how the images on cards are triggers for ‘aha’ moments that lead to enlightenment and an understanding of how to move forward with an issue. With the interview, which runs for 54 minutes, you also receive a copy of the Foreword and Chapter One of Toni’s other book Gaining Archetypal Vision. Click here for more information and to purchase.

Readers’ comments

“’Messages from the Archetypes’ explains Tarot, imagery, symbolism, and synchronicity in such a clear way that any person unfamiliar with the cards would get it! I particularly like the way in which Toni Gilbert weaves in different healing and energy modalities.”…James Wanless, author of the Voyager Tarot book and deck

“Ms. Gilbert defines the meeting-point between modern medicine and Tarot with enlightening results. Balancing her intuition and intellect against her solid grounding in holistic nursing she shows us how the traditional imagery of Tarot can spark interior associations leading to new realms of meaning and healing for both client and practitioner.”…Christine Payne Towler, author, the Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot Revealed

About the Author
Toni Gilbert is a holistic nurse with a practice in transpersonal counseling. As a professional with a formal education in psychology, transpersonal studies, and certifications in wellness counseling, mind-body consciousness, guided imagery, the use of imagery in medicine and aromatherapy, she offers clients an array of healing arts techniques to enhance wellness and prevent illness. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and art, including undergraduate classes in Jungian psychology. She continued her interest in art and its symbolism in a graduate art therapy school. She holds a master’s degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Click here for more information about the field of holistic nursing.

Both sites are used as educational and promotional tools. Ms. Gilbert is the founding editor of the grass roots Alternative Journal of Nursing, a network of holistic nurses committed to exploring and furthering the evolution of the nursing. The journal includes articles, interviews, book reviews, and international news. She is also the founding director of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association.

In the recent past, Ms. Gilbert worked in the field of mental health nursing and owned Centre of Main St., a wellness center in Jefferson, Oregon, where she saw clients and facilitated therapeutic groups. In addition, she has taught psychology at two community colleges.

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Toni Gilbert

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