Tarot, astrology and counselling – what’s the link?


In this FREE session, tarot reader, astrologer and counsellor, Jenne Perlstein, discusses whether esoteric readers need counselling skills. Those who participated in the live recording session had the opportunity to suggest tarot cards and planets that could signal different behaviour patterns and personality traits. Up for discussion were obsessive love, the saviour complex and key psychological concepts such as Freud’s ego, id and superego.

This tarot and astrology class is a taster for Jenne’s course called Client Skills for Tarot Readers which is available through Global Spiritual Studies.

Click here to watch the session.

About the presenter

Jenne Perlstein, MBBS (Medical Bachelor, Bachelor of Surgery), BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), Cert. 4 TAA, AASW; Cert.Appl Astrology(Astro Synthesis) is a widely experienced social worker (25 years) with a degree in medicine (including study of psychology and psychiatry).

Jenne is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia, and has been reading tarot for 16 years. She is also an astrologer, having studied at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne in 1997.

As a social worker she uses the knowledge gained in Medicine in her work which encompasses counselling, family work, case work, community development, policy and extensive work in education. She has worked in Australia and the UK in the areas of aged care, brain injury, mental health, vocational rehabilitation and Aboriginal justice.

Jenne has a passion for the psycho-spiritual, and in addition to the above, has studied and participated in Kabbalah, meditation, Jungian psychology and primal therapy. For more information visit Jenne’s website, Tarot Astro Counselling.

Tarot, astrology and counselling – what’s the link?