Reading Tarot without Spreads


with Steve Hounsome
Do you have a favourite Tarot spread you use over and over again? Or do you have a collection of spreads from which you select one or more depending on the context of the reading?  Stop for a moment and ask “What if I didn’t use spreads at all?” Steve’s answer to this question will have you throwing away the rule book of readings and revolutionising the way you do Tarot readings!

In this class, Steve guides you through the exciting and sometimes challenging method of doing Tarot readings without using specific layouts or spreads. “It’s like reading without a safety net” says Steve. “But it’s liberating and exciting, because you’re giving the Tarot free rein, you’re not restricting the way messages from the cards come through. There are so many possibilities, so why restrict the Tarot – and yourself?

Steve takes you through the Tarot reading/consultation process from beginning to end – without the constraints that come from using spreads. “We’ll look at shuffling and dealing cards, a technique called Energy Balancing, as well as interpreting and responding to cards,” says Steve.

If you’re an experienced reader, this class will add another dimension to your skills and abilities. If you’re a beginner, give yourself the luxury of accessing the full power of the Tarot at an early stage in your Tarot reading life.

About the presenter
Steve Hounsome’s approach to spirituality is an eclectic one, as he feels that every path has something to offer. He reads widely on spiritual subjects and incorporates what he learns into his teaching. Steve feels that a sense of the sacred for each individual is vital to the maintenance of health and well-being and plays a vital role in helping us fulfil our potential and follow a path aligned to our life purpose.

Steve holds qualifications in a wide range of fields, including Tarot, Counselling Skills, Progressive Healing, Psychic Studies, Esoteric Soul Healing, Bach Flower Remedies and Past Life Regression. He has published nine books covering topics such as practical meditation and spirituality, Tarot Therapy, how to be a telephone psychic and his own Tarot deck, The Gamble Hounsome Tarot. For more information, click here to visit Steve’s website


A video recording of the class is available for download to your computer or device as an MP4 file. It can be viewed on PCs using Windows Media Player and on Macs using the free VLC multimedia player for Mac operating systems which can be downloaded here.

Cost: $19 USD.

Payment: online through PayPal using a credit or debit card.


Reading Tarot without Spreads