with Peter Burns

The Palmistry Practitioner’s Diploma is a comprehensive email correspondence course designed for those wishing to enter professional practice.

The emphasis throughout the course is on reading the lines of the hands within the context of hand shape and structure. Many palmists know the basic meanings of the main lines. However, knowledge of how the meanings of these lines change according to hand shape and structure is far less common. Section one of the course is devoted to hand shape and structure.

Students are encouraged to take photos and prints of hands for study and research. In the era of mobile phones, photos are easily exchanged.

The course is conducted by email. Lessons are emailed one at a time and when each is finished and the assignment questions completed, the next lesson is sent.

Personal tutoring is provided with every lesson

Assignments: Every lesson has assignments which you must complete before beginning the next lesson.

Duration: 27 lessons in total.

Start and finish: Start whenever you are ready. Work at your own pace. There is no pressure to complete lessons by specific deadlines. However, the course must be completed within two years.

Cost in USD

$1,200 full payment

or four instalments of $400 each (every six lessons)


PeterBurnsPeter Burns is a specialist astrology and palmistry teacher running distance education courses. In 1984 he began consulting and teaching palmistry and a few years later took up the study of astrology. He has since consulted hundreds of people and run many teaching seminars.

Peter was Vice-President of the Federation of Australian Astrologers from 2006-2009, President of the Victorian Astrologers Association from 2006-2008 and has been national editor of the quarterly Journal of the FAA since 2000.



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