Shamanic practices

There are many ways to explore the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our beings.  Studying the Kabbalah and Tarot are two ways which have their own dedicated sections on Global Spiritual Studies, but they are many more wonderful ways of coming to understand who we really are.

  • Astrology

    Astrology (3)

    Choose from a number of master classes which cover aspects of astrology. Peter Burns and Linda Marson demonstrate how to make predictions using both astrology and Tarot. Stella Woods reveals the secrets of lunar planning; Sara Gilbert looks at the relationship between astrology and the Tarot court cards while Katrina Wynne shows you how astrology, alchemy and Kabbalah relate to Tarot....Continue reading ➜
  • Astronumerology

    Astronumerology (1)

    Pan’s Script by Elkie White Destiny may be written in the stars, but you have the power to shape it. In Pan’s Script, Elkie White offers a treasure trove of vital information about you, your loved ones, and your life, through astrology and numerology, combined. Pan’s Script guides you to the discovery of your Astro-Number...Continue reading ➜
  • Dream Interpretation
    Dream Interpretation

    Dream Interpretation

    Mary Phelan’s five classes on Mapping Your Dreams contain a wealth of information about the nature of sleep, why we dream and how to organise our sleeping environment so that we can tap into the amazing resource that is our sub-conscious, the place where so much wisdom, insight and clarity reside...Continue reading
  • Druid Animal Oracle
    Druid Animal Oracle

    Druid Animal Oracle

    In this workshop Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm will show you how you can work with the sacred animals of Druidry for divination and for personal transformation. You will learn how animals can become your guides and allies, healers and teachers, totems and familiars....Continue reading
  • Kabbalah, DruidCraft and Tarot
    Kabbalah, DruidCraft and Tarot

    Kabbalah, DruidCraft and Tarot

    The magic of the Tarot is that the images talk to you in different ways at different times in your life. And they can talk to you through the prism of spiritual practices or disciplines. Two that resonate with Linda Marson are the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah and the nature spirituality of DruidCraft (a blend of Druidry and Wicca)...Continue reading ➜
  • Psychic Development
    Psychic Development

    Psychic Development (1)

    Are you ready to take your psychic abilities to the next level? If the answer is ‘yes’, this fun, information-packed audio workshop is for you! It contains almost eight hours of instruction, exercises and information, all based on Mary Phelan’s research, study and experience over many years...Continue reading ➜
  • The DruidCraft Tarot
    The DruidCraft Tarot

    The DruidCraft Tarot

    Explore The DruidCraft Tarot and discover a gateway to inner wisdom. Imagine working with the Tarot in a way that allows your Querent to access their deep inner wisdom - to find exactly the guidance they need in their reading. Aaah...the joy of giving your rational mind a rest and allowing a reading to flow in a completely natural way...Continue reading ➜
  • The Seven Secrets of Magic & Manifestation
    The Seven Secrets of Magic & Manifestation

    The Seven Secrets of Magic & Manifestation (1)

    We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction, but have you ever wondered why some people have no difficulty manifesting their dreams, while others seem to find life a constant challenge? Why is this? What do those ‘lucky’ people know? What do they do differently? The Seven Secrets of Magic & Manifestation by well-known astrologer...Continue reading ➜
  • The Wheel of Segais Reader Training
    The Wheel of Segais Reader Training

    The Wheel of Segais Reader Training

    Created by Pamela Meekings-Stewart, The Wheel of Segais divination tool is a way to understand the cycle of all things be it a project, an intention, a goal, a life, a relationship, a business. It is based on the innate order of all things, as the great wheel of the year spins and all things within the cycle have their place and can be used to highlight positive helpers and insights/answers to any question.......Continue reading ➜